21 May 2015

The Castle of Sokol

Near Dubrovnik, in a small region Konavle, there is a defensive medieval castle– Sokol Grad. It is built on a cliff more than 25 meters high and was most likely used for military purposes. Historical artifacts suggest that on this spot was a prehistoric structure, an ancient and a late-antiquity fortress. The earliest records about the fortress are from the year 1391.

The fortress came under the authority of the Republic of Dubrovnik in 1423.It played an important military role in the 16th and the 17th centuries. After the fortress lost its significance, Dubrovnik army abandoned it at the beginning of the 18th century. Since then (350 years) fortress was forgotten and abandoned. Two years ago, after long renovations fortress is turned into a medieval tourist attraction.... And I finally managed to visit it.

18 May 2015

70s Wrap Dress

I am not a fan of polyester fabrics. But, this winter I found very cheap and cute poly knit with interesting structure and couldn't resist. The fabric seems like denim and it is quite thick, so I thought it would be good as wearable muslin for wrap dress I was planning to sew.
 And, I made it, I like it and I will sew it again.

Pattern: Burda 10-2011 model 122
Fabric: Structured poly knit
Alterations: Omitted darts at the waist, reshaped the bell sleeves into straight sleeves.
My ballerina shoes addiction

11 May 2015

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07 May 2015

The forest motif t-shirt

Here it is- one more piece I made last year. Finally I have some photos.
The inspiration for this sewing project was Tracy Reese Fall 2014 Collection; precisely - the forest motif.
I found similar fabric with forest/tree motive. The plan was to sew a dress, but since there was only one meter left at the store my TNT T-shirt pattern was the best choice.
I wore this t-shirt a lot last year, and this spring it is often my choice too. This is definitely profitable project.
Pattern: Burda 2/2009 model 108.
Fabric: Rayon jersey
Alterations: reshaped boat neck into crew neck.
My ballerina shoes addiction: Zara

30 April 2015

For better or for worse

“For better or for worse -wedding clothes from 1865 to today” is a current exhibition in the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts. I have visited it during the Easter holidays, and decided to share some photos.
Before Queen Victoria wedding for Prince Albert (1840) in a white wedding dress, the bride dresses were usually colored wine, dark green or purple. 
So Queen Victoria, unconsciously, has introduced white wedding dress. Since then, the white dress became mandatory, regardless the social status of the bride. 
The oldest wedding dress at the exhibition is from 1865.
 Next is from 1883. - made in Vienna.

 There are also cotton shoes and wedding wreath-made of wax.
Fashion magazines-Paris-1861. and 1870-71.
 Vienna-1880.(silk satin)
 Shoes-1880. (silk,lace)
Underwear - End of the 19th century.
At the turn of the century wedding dresses have become more luxurious, were decorated with handmade lace, beads.... 
 Osijek-1905.(silk satin,lace voile)
Vienna-1903.(silk satin)
 Vienna-1907.(cashmere,machine embroidery)
 Coat-Vienna-1907.(wool,velvet,silk satin,machine embroidery)
Vienna-1907.(silk taffeta,tulle,lace,embroidery)
Rijeka-1910.(silk satin,silk damask,lace)
 Austria-1929.(silk lace)
 Vienna-1930.(silk georgette,machine embroidery)
Shoes-1943.(leather,silver lame)
Zagreb-1961.(silk damask)
France,Lanvin-1963.(cotton lace,silk)
Zagreb-1965.(silk damask)
London,Franka-1967.(silk organza,silk satin)
Zagreb-1970.(synthetic jersey,machine embroidery)
Zagreb-1972.(synthetic fabric,machine embroidery,lame)
Italy-1987.(synthetic fabric,machine synthetic lace)
Cape-1980.(white fox fur)
Varazdin-1990.(synthetic fabric,artificial flowers)
 Paris,Ocimar Versolato-1996(silk satin,silk tulle)
Zagreb-2001.(silk)  Suit-Trogir-2001.
Italy,Aberta Ferretti-2002.(silk organza)
Cape:Dolce Gabbana-2002.(feather)
  Zagreb-2008.(synthetic silk,tulle,rhinestone fringe)
Vera Wang-2011.(silk,tulle,silk rep)
Zagreb-2011.(wool,artificial silk)
  Nina Ricci-2012.(silk,silk machine embroidery on tulle)
Zagreb-2012.(artificial silk,tulle)
Zagreb-2013.(silk lace,cotton lace,tulle,rhinestones)
I hope you've enjoyed this  photo journey through the history of wedding dresses, and find out  something about the changes in fashion and tradition.