17 March 2014

Faux snakeskin pencil skirt

This skirt was on my sewing table last year.
Well, it's never too late. Maybe I'll have few cold enough days to wear it.
Tested HERE and HERE.
Fabric: faux snakeskin stretch leather/fabric.

         Top- Isabel Marant  pour H&M
         Skirt- pattern Burda Style:1/2013 mod.124                             

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20 February 2014

Emerald green pullover

 Practicing knitting.
Needles: 3.5 mm
Yarn: Alize Superlana Zincir ( 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool)
 I still have a lot to learn.  :) 

24 January 2014

Continental vs. Combined knitting

I have learned knitting when I was little. My mother had showed me how to purl and knit.It was enough to make few scarves and pullovers. That was it. I haven't knitted for years, precisely 30 years. Then I decided to knit lacy scarf year ago, and realized that I can't follow the pattern.  Initially I thought I am knitting wrong. My mom taught me wrong.
After some reading I realized -I am not knitting wrong, I am just knitting differently. That different way even has a name -Combined Knitting. But, if you want to knit lace, or follow most written patterns, you have to make some adaptations. Well, that is so complicated for me. Since I am not "serious" knitter it is easier for me to learn "right" Continental western method. And I am learning.
                                                  Combined knitting                               
                                           Continental western knitting    
My stitches made with combined method are neater. It's very difficult to switch to Continental western method. I have to practice a lot.
So, for my first pullover knitted continental I chose this three-shades-green yarn. This yarn hides all mistakes.
Pattern: Japanese book/magazine
Yarn: Unitas Ana 
Needles: 3,5mm 
Until I start my first lace project, I have to knit a lot, lot. One of my goals for this year is to learn lace knitting.