28 July 2014

Black and white dress

X is for Xtreme Black & White 
I love black and white combinations and floral prints of course. So, here it is perfect trend for me. :)
Pattern: No3- Little black dress -Simple chic book byMachiko Kayaki.
Fabric: cotton sateen
Alterations: added 5 cm to the upper part length and made side zipper closure.

This is my second "little black dress" I made from Simple chic book. First was floral-pink. Well, maybe third will be black, finaly.
Jewelry I made: 

26 July 2014

Gingham style

I am fulfilling previous decision to follow A-Z TrendGuide in my sewing.
In my version it is almost crop top. Since I am 40+ lady it fits best with high-waisted wide pants. So, two trends in one.

Pattern: No8-back buttoned top from "Simple chic" book by Machiko Kayaki
Fabric: gingham quilting cotton
Alterations: made eight small buttons (pattern suggests five), omitted side slit.

I like wide pants with side zipper closure. Maybe these pants are not perfect for my body shape, especially with flats, but who cares. :) 
I like to wear them with ballerina shoes.
Pattern: Burda 4/1995 mod.104
Fabric: rayon polyester blend
Jewelry I made:
My ballerina shoes addiction:

06 July 2014

Embellished grey dress

E isfor Embellished Details 
I decided to “follow“ this trend,too.
I embellished the dress by adding a chain around the neck.
 Now, I am a trendy girl, or not. LOL
Pattern: Burda 3/2010-103
Fabric: Cotton with elastane
This is really cute A- line dress. But, when I added length (What I usually  do because I don't wear length above knee) I have transformed this lovely dress in  a tent. The only thing left to do is to narrow the dress and add a belt. Now this is not the dress I wanted but it is wearable. So, let it be.
 Perfect version of this cute dress HERE.
What I learned: Do not sew A-line dresses.Period.
Unfortunately I haven't learned it from failure with THIS dress. :(
My ballerina shoes addiction: