10 December 2017

Travel:Italy-Island Elba

Last year I have visited most of popular tourist cities in Tuscany region. This year on the list "to visit" was South Tuscany, particularly island Elba. It is the largest island of Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest island in Italy. Since the Elba is 10 kilometer far from the town Piombino, we boarded the ferry there and sailed into our adventure. Our main spot was Portoferraio principal town of the island. We spent all day exploring this beautiful place. And of course I made a “few “photos of our adventure.

Museum of Relics of Napoleon
Bronze cast of the head and hand of Napoleon
Reproduction of the sarcophagus
Palazzina dei Mulini-"Villa of the Mills“Napoleonic residences
After abdication in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte was forced to spend his exile on the island, in this villa. I am not sure, how difficult it really was.

Of course, I couldn't skip tiramisu and Acqua dell'Elba perfume.
The island is magnificent, and now I know why it is called the pearl of the Mediterranean.