17 September 2009

New beginning

These days,lots of sewing blogs are about "sewing with the plan".
I love this project.It will be good to participate one day.
Until then, I'll follow all those who participate with great interest.
Inspired with all that, I am planning some fall wardrobe, for first time in my life.
As you can see I love prints and colors.
When you open my closet,you can hear screams:
Welcome to circus!!
Nothing in my closet works together.
So it is time to make some changes.
First I forbade myself buying T-shirts with cartoon characters.(I'm big girl now.)
Then, I bought some plain fabrics (well, with little print) for two skirts and two tops.
Now, I am searching for some serious patterns.
(I 'm big girl now.)
In the meantime, I started a new cardigan and scarf.
I am always willing to begin a new project.LOL

08 September 2009


I have not begun to sew, yet.
Just prepared some caps for my Etsy shop.

I am thinking whether to publish them or not.
After one year on Etsy and very few things sold, I do not know is it worthwhile.
I really love Etsy,and all those colorful things you can find there.
I love people I met there,and whole atmosphere in the community.
But obviously buyers do not like my stuff. LOL
For me it's really difficult to sell something.
Too much work on promotions,advertising...for nothing.
I know that I lost all battles,but I'm not ready to quit.
Still thinking....
At the and, all my stuff can be given to friends and relatives for Christmas and birthdays.:)
Watch out relatives and friends! Some of these stuff spoken your names. LOL