21 November 2009

A Shirt-blouse

The plan was to sew this blouse. But, as usual, I did not have enough fabric. So, another option was the blouse that I made two years ago. ( Burda-9-2007) The pattern is basic, easy to sew, and I think trendy this year again.
Then I used satin and I haven't made any change.
This time I used georgette.
I made some modifications to the sleeves. Elastic at the wrists-Burda propose, was not a good solution for me. In this version I used elastic thread - 5 lines-I think this is much better.
No, I will not sew this blouse again.
Two times was enough for this pattern.
Since earrings are my passion, I made a matching pair. They look much better at the day light.
Just for the record: I have a "real" jewelry but I wear only bijouterie and jewelry I made. Don't know why.

08 November 2009

Like first snow

One more Treasury with my Cream crocheted necklace.Made by dear friend Filzlaus.
Beautiful Treasury list.As some one commented"beautiful and fresh like first snow".