24 January 2010

Pinafore dress

Finally, I took some pictures of a dress I finished back in December. This is a dress/jumper from old Burda magazine (09-2007-121).

Lately I sew only with old patterns. There are two reasons for that: I need some time to accept new trends, and I don't sew enough so I can't finish all my plans from past years. So, for this year the sewing plan is to use all patterns from Simple chic (Japanese book I'm in love :)) and to use at least one pattern from new Burda. (I have a reason to buy  a magazine every month. :) )
Back to dress: This is pull-on knit dress with a deep v-neck and tulip-shaped skirt. It was quick and easy to sew. The fabric I used is heavy gray wool jersey.At first; I was worried it would be too bulky at the bodice. -The lining for bodice is the same wool jersey.-But it is not. I am skinny enough, and some bulky on particular parts of the body is welcome.
The Burda advice is to wear the dress over " a close-fitting turtleneck pullover for the true-to-style look."I love turtlenecks. Since I always freeze, they keep me warm. So, for me, this dress is the perfect garment.
I took size 36 and didn't make any pattern alternation. Here are lots of others dresses with complete reviews and useful construction details.
I did finally complete the scarf I have started back in September.
And the beret from same yarn.
I am not completely satisfied with the beret.The pattern is so beautiful but it's not noticeable when it is done with this yarn. And the photos are bad.
You can't see the beauty of the shining and sparkling yarn.LOL
I can't resist it.I really love busy prints, colors, sparkling stones, sequins and other kitsch.Period!LOL

01 January 2010

Bye-Bye 2009!

*Previous year had finally ended, and I am glad. It was one of hardest years. Mostly I was ill. Last three months I was on four different antibiotics. So, I entered the New Year with new antibiotics and one more sore throat. Thankfully this is not a dangerous illness, but I am totally exhausted. I lost some weight, and that is not good. Now I hope that the new antibiotic will stop bacterial infection. I try to eat better and rest more.
*I did not sew much in previous year. But writing this blog and taking photos of finished garments helped me a lot. Thanks to those photos, I noticed every mistake I have made, and realized that I have to make some changes in my style. Photos are cruel more than mirrors.
*I have many plans in new year. With better health and little luck I hope I'll realize them all. I plan to crochet and sew more, walk to the beach more, swim and enjoy the sun. I have some plans for selling my jewelry, bags and other stuff I make. A lot of plans, but I will go step by step. (I have to show you one dress I have finished last year, but I am not capable for photo shooting, yet.)
*Since I started blogging in June last year, I feel really welcome in this sewing-blogging world. So, I want to thank you dear readers for your support and comments. I did not leave a lot of comments on other blogs (This is a matter of my knowledge of English), but I read them all, and I admire your skills. One of my New Year decisions is to hang out with you more. 
           Wish you wonderful, healthy, happy 2010!