15 February 2010

Wide pants

Here it is- my first sewing project in this year. It is never too late. These days I am mostly sick of everything. I am sick of this winter, I am sick of being sick .So, I am not in sewing mood, at all. Somehow, I forced myself to sew these pants.
Those are pants from Japanese sewing book-Simple chic. My third project from this book, and I am very satisfied.
The pants are basic, wide (but not too wide) with side zipper. Until now I sewed pants only from Burda patterns. I always have to make some alternations. Burda pants are too deep for me (Is that right English explanation?)Those one are really perfect. I just cut them and sew. Even the length was perfect. Used fabric is black wool gabardine blend.
I did not make the belt because I did not find an appropriate clasp pin. I saved some fabric, and I'll do that later. I highly recommend this pattern. It's easy and the fit is really nice.
This success cheered me a little. I hope that soon will be more new projects.