14 October 2014

Vienna-ORF Long Night of Museums-part II

Second day of our weekend in Vienna was more relaxed. We started the day with the tea and fantastic Apfelstrudel at Café Hawelka.
The day was perfect for city walk.                            

                                Graben Strasse- Plague Pillar
 At Hofburg Passage- Maria Stransky "PetitPoint" shop with gorgeous embroidered jewelry and bags.
 On "to do" list were the museums that did not participate in the long night museums event.
 Taking photos is not allowed at Sisi museum and Imperial Apartments, but I couldn't resist recording that tiny waist (21 inches) Empress Elisabeth had had.
 Reconstructed gown Empress Elisabeth wore for coronation as Queen of Hungary.
This year Sisi Museum celebrates its 10th anniversary so there is a temporary exhibition: Silk – Lace – Ermine from Empress Elisabeth's wardrobe. There are displayed more than 20 original items of clothing, some of them for the first time. I know, this is most interesting part for seamstress, so here are few photos from catalog.
After "must taste" Sachertorte -at CaféMozart (I have a sweet tooth! :)
we went to Schloß Schönbrunn
Again no photos inside Palace but trust me it is incredible.
Two days weren't enough for all we had planned.There are a lot of museums, parks and interesting things on our list. 
So, Vienna, we will come again.

13 October 2014

Vienna-ORF Long Night of Museums-part I

Last weekend hubby and I were in Vienna. There was "ORF Long Night of Museums" organized for 15th time. That was great opportunity to visit few museums for the price of one. 
Our first introduction with Vienna was by bus tour around Ringstraße.
                          Wiener Staatsoper
After we had settled in the hotel, at 6 pm the long night of museums began.
In front of many museums were big queues, so we went only to those (biggest) that didn't take time to enter.We had 5 hours for this adventure. Not nearly enough for complete tour, but now we have vision what to look for next time.
Firs on our list was: Kunsthistorisches Museum-one of the world's most important museums.
                        Collection of Arms and Armour-at NeueBurg
Second on our list was: Naturhistorische Museum- “one of the largest, oldest, and most noteworthy natural history museums in the world”

Then we went to - Schmetterling haus 
The Butterfly House is situated in beautiful Art Noveau palm houses near Hofburg Royal Palace. There are about 400 free flying butterflies. Interesting and unusual experience.
 At the end: beautiful baroque State Hall of the Austrian National Library
After long night stampede through museums we barely had strength for one more sleepy view to the Rathaus.