28 December 2016

Travel: Macedonia -Ohrid

Among six former Yugoslav republics, I have visited five (lived in three). Somehow Macedonia was never on my way. Last year on tombola I won a trip to Macedonia, and goddess of fortune intervened in my life. So in November, we have visited Macedonia.There are lots of disagreements about the name of the newly created state and lots of different interpretations of its history and language,but I'm not competent to write about it; and frankly-I don't care. I only know that Macedonia is beautiful country, with kind, warm and nice people. 
So, here we go - lovely Macedonia and lots of photos.
Ohrid-Охрид is one of most famous cities in Macedonia. It is located on Lake Ohrid. Ohrid is a one of 28 Cultural and Natural World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Tsar Samuil's Fortress -Самуилова тврдина-it was built in 10 century.
Ancient Theater -only visible monument from ancient times.
At one point Ohrid had 365 churches.

Church Mother of God Peribleptos-Црква Пресвета Богородица Перивлептос - The church was built and painted in 13th century.It is dedicated to Virgin Mary-Perivlepta. The church was painted by Michael and Eutychius the first Byzantine artists that signed their work.
On the cliff over Lake Ohrid is Church of St.John at Kaneo-Свети Јован Канео. It’s a Byzantine church from 13th century.
Church of St. Panteleimon- Свети Пантелеjмон-attributed to Clement of Ohrid- is situated on Plaošnik -Плаошник.
Church of St.Sophia-Црква Света Софија - built in 10 century.
Robevi Family House- best example of traditional architecture.
Streets in Ohrid
The food in local restaurants is so affordable and so delicious.
Popular dessert Trilece
"Ohrid" trout-охридска пастрмка

Shopska salad- Шопска салата
Ohrid eel
Karađorđeva steak
Pljeskavica with kaymak-Плескавица со kајмак
Ohrid Cake- Охридска торта at Belvedere Restaurant 
The most popular souvenirs from Ohrid are Ohrid pearls. I bought a necklace, of course.

Lake Ohrid
Bay of bones -Залив на Коските- Reconstruction of Bronze Age stilt houses on Lake Ohrid, near Peštani.

At the other side of Lake Ohrid near Albanian border there is the Monastery of St.Naum -Манастир Свети Наум.

The tomb of St. Naum
 Lovely restaurant near monastery-Restaurant Ostrovo.