11 February 2017

Travel: Graz - Austria

Finally the post about our last trip in 2016. In December, last year, we were in Graz -Austria. That was our first visit, only one day, but certainly we'll repeat this trip in spring or summer.
Graz is the capital of Styria and second largest city in Austria. Also Europe capital city of culture for 2003.
Opernhaus- is the second largest opera house in Austria.
Herrengasse- main street
Stadtpfarrkirche - Parish Church
Herzogshof -"Gemaltes Haus"-Painted House
Landhaus -one of the most important examples of Renaissance architecture in Austria.
Renaissance-style arcaded courtyard.
The Christmas ice crib-traditional feature of Advent in Graz.
Stempfergasse street
The Glockenspiel -up in the gable of the building on Glockenspielplatz square.
Right under the Glockenspiel there is a lovely Café Glockenspiel.
A dancing couple in traditional Styrian costumes and 24 bells play three different melodies.
Sporgasse street
Hofbäckerei Edegger-Tax bakery- the oldest surviving bakery in Graz-14th century.
Grazer Dom-Graz Cathedral-St. Giles' Cathedral. The church was built in 1438-62.
Gothic architecture of Cathedral with Baroque furnishing. 
The Burg - was built between 1438 and 1453 by Emperor Frederick III who decided that the older castle on the Schlossberg was too small. Today the Burg houses many government departments.  
Burg contains an unusual Double Spiral Staircase- a masterpiece of Gothic stonework.
Mur River
Schloßberg -'Castle Mountain'-The area is now a series of gardens and contains some of the most popular tourist attractions.
Schlossbergbahn-a funicular railway.
The Great Well
St.Thomas Chapel
The Glockenturm- Bell Tower 
The Chinese pavilion
Remarkable view
Grazer Uhrturm -Clock Tower- A major landmark and attraction of the city-28 m high.
Schloßbergplatz  with staircase up to castle.
Variety of gorgeous façades
Kastner & Öhler- big department store
Hauptplatz- main square
Rathaus- Town hall
Archduke Johann Fountain-Erzherzog-Johann-Brunnen -Austrian field marshal and Imperial regent (Reichsverweser). Great modernizer and important figure of identification for Styria. The monument also features statues of four women symbolizing the rivers Mur, Enns, Drava and Sann which flowed through the old Styrian land.
Christmas market on Hauptplatz square in front of the town hall.
Graz is so lovely during pre-Christmas period. All over the town there are various Christmas fairs. Streets and shops are decorated with lights, and at every corner you can hear somebody is playing Christmas music.
Fair trade shop