28 August 2009

White cotton cardigan

I am not sewing a lot this summer.
It is too hot, and I am too busy with other things.
At this time of the year, my house is occupied with guests, family and friends.
In this crowd is really impossible to sew.
But, I have done some crochet.

The pattern for this cardigan is from Keito Dama no. 141.

It is made from white cotton,with the 2mm hook.
Just added a bit of length to body and sleeves.
As with all the Japanese patterns, this one was easy to follow, too.

I have some more favorites from this book.

I'm still searching for suitable yarn. :)

18 August 2009

Blue as the Adriatic Sea

Inspired with my new dress and beauty of the Adriatic Sea

I made some jewelry for my Etsy shop.

13 August 2009

Blue dress

Another summer dress.I love dresses. :)

Lovely sheath dress made of cotton.
Unlined,easy to sew.

I skipped the pockets, the rest is like in pattern.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Well, I do not know, I do not follow instructions.
Why not?
Well, I do not know German. My Burda magazines are in German language . LOL
So, I follow my intuition. Mostly with happy end.
But, sometimes takes too long .

01 August 2009

"Simple little black dress"

Here it is!!! My first project from Japanese sewing book -Simple chic.
Original pattern is this simple little black dress no.3.

The pattern is very simple and easy to follow. Attached pictures are enough and understandable.
There are three sizes for each model.
I took smallest size 9( B: 90cm W:74cm H:104cm -for this model)
My natural waist is lower than in most size charts,so I always cut upper part of the dress 2-3cm longer . There is an invisible zipper.The fabric is medium weight cotton.
This model supposed the lining, but I skipped it. I used facings only around the neckline and arms.

Of course, my dress is pink/orange and with flower pattern. LOL

I 'm very pleased with this pattern. I am quite sure,one day I will sew little black dress from it.
From taffeta or silk probably.