30 January 2011

Patchwork intermezzo

I really don't know what happened to my sewing mood. After few summer projects I didn't sew anything for myself. No inspiration, no sewing.
So, for this fall/winter season zero finished garments. Now, I'll wait until spring. There are few nice patterns in February Burda. (Maybe they will inspire me.)
In meanwhile I do patchwork.
A year ago I become a member of  Patchwork club, the first and only one here in Croatia.
I have started with simple small projects.
Here are my first "babies".
Table toppers

                                Tumbling blocks-quilt block pattern  44x44cm

 Storm at sea-quilt block pattern

 Little Blossoms-quilt block pattern 40x40cm

                                         Memory-quilt block pattern 40x4o

                                            Starflower-quilt block pattern 40x40cm 

Testing Pam Bono Designs

 Cushion cases

                                  Patchwork and blue work embroidery.40x40cm

          Patchwork,blue work embroidery and decoupage on fabric. 40x40cm 

Baby quilt - birthday gift for my sweet nephew. 100x130cm

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Karin said...

What pretty blocks you've made! So precise.