04 November 2012

Finish unfinished

It seems this year is going to be the year of finishing unfinished projects and using materials from the stash.

This week I finally finished the cardigan I have started three years ago.
The pattern for this cute beige cardigan I have downloaded from Japanese craft book few years ago.I can’t even remember from where.
Yarn:100% combed cotton from Mirabela-Unitas 
 Hook size: 2,5mm
Alternations: I made 3/4 sleeves.
I did not have enough yarn. :)
This is my mom's brooch. It is bijouterie over 50 years old, but with great sentimental value for me.

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Summer Flies said...

WOW! I so love your style for your crochet jackets. This is simply stunning again! This must be an incredible amount of work.