28 November 2012

Ruffled Lace Scarf

I finally took some pictures of the scarf I finished two weeks ago. It is matching scarf with the beret from my previous post.

The scarf/stole is designed   by Yasuko Sebata and published in Japanese book "Crochet Shawl & Stole & Vest".  I used 3 skins of gray yarn Lucija by Unitas (50% Wool 50% Acrylic), and 1 skin black/silver yarn Jelka by A.P.D.O.O. (72% Acrylic 28% Wool) Hook size: 2,5mm.
The pattern is very nice and easy. Ruffles on the edge makes scarf playful and romantic. Black and silver yarn gives it a touch of elegance. I am very satisfied with this pattern and I might use it a couple of times.

11 November 2012

Embellished Basic Crochet Beret

Recently I received request to sell the pattern for snowflake earrings from my Etsy shop. Since the earrings are made using snowflake pattern that is not my design I could not sell it. I informed the lady about the source of the pattern and I hope it was useful. But, I got idea! LOL Why not sell patterns for berets and hats I made (designed).And here it is. My first written crochet pattern for very simple and easy beret. 
Of course the beret is embellished in my style with flowers. 
From today the pattern is in my Etsy shop and you can check it HERE. I made the beret for myself combined with matching scarf. More about scarf in my next post. 

04 November 2012

Finish unfinished

It seems this year is going to be the year of finishing unfinished projects and using materials from the stash.

This week I finally finished the cardigan I have started three years ago.
The pattern for this cute beige cardigan I have downloaded from Japanese craft book few years ago.I can’t even remember from where.
Yarn:100% combed cotton from Mirabela-Unitas 
 Hook size: 2,5mm
Alternations: I made 3/4 sleeves.
I did not have enough yarn. :)
This is my mom's brooch. It is bijouterie over 50 years old, but with great sentimental value for me.