24 January 2014

Continental vs. Combined knitting

I have learned knitting when I was little. My mother had showed me how to purl and knit.It was enough to make few scarves and pullovers. That was it. I haven't knitted for years, precisely 30 years. Then I decided to knit lacy scarf year ago, and realized that I can't follow the pattern.  Initially I thought I am knitting wrong. My mom taught me wrong.
After some reading I realized -I am not knitting wrong, I am just knitting differently. That different way even has a name -Combined Knitting. But, if you want to knit lace, or follow most written patterns, you have to make some adaptations. Well, that is so complicated for me. Since I am not "serious" knitter it is easier for me to learn "right" Continental western method. And I am learning.
                                                  Combined knitting                               
                                           Continental western knitting    
My stitches made with combined method are neater. It's very difficult to switch to Continental western method. I have to practice a lot.
So, for my first pullover knitted continental I chose this three-shades-green yarn. This yarn hides all mistakes.
Pattern: Japanese book/magazine
Yarn: Unitas Ana 
Needles: 3,5mm 
Until I start my first lace project, I have to knit a lot, lot. One of my goals for this year is to learn lace knitting.

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