15 June 2014

Radiant Orchid in love with art print

R is for Radiant Orchid 
Radiant Orchid is the color of the year 2014.
As you can see, plain fabrics are very rare in my wardrobe.Literally I can't buy plain (one color) fabric. So this Radiant Orchid color trend fell in love with another this year trend- abstract (art) print. And that was that, perfect fabric for me.
Pattern: Burda 5/1991
This is a very old pattern from my huge stash of Burda magazines. So 80's style, simple and easy to sew.
Fabric: Rayon jersey 
Alterations: I added knit neckband, Burda is suggesting turning the edges around the neck and topstitching.
My size pattern was too wide so I narrowed it a lot, but dress is still large.
I made the dress much longer than it is in Burda magazine. The knit fabric is too stretchy and "pulling" down, so the dress is longer than I wanted.
Consequently, I made ​​a completely different style, but I don't care.I like the dress, it is very comfortable and I will wear it a lot for every day shopping and running around.

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