20 October 2016

Travel: Italy-Bologna

Every year  in autumn  we go somewhere abroad.This year we have visited Italy.
On the way to our destination-region of Tuscany, we stopped a few hours in Bologna- home to the oldest university. So, here are some photos of lovely college town Bologna-the capital of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
A central square in Bologna is Piazza Maggiore.
That day at the square was an event, so it was jammed and under construction.
Also Fontana del Nettuno was "undercover"- wrapped in plastic for restoration.
The square is surrounded by: 
Palazzo d'Accursio - it was a city hall, now it's museum.
Palazzo dei Notai  - former notaries' guild 
Basilica of San Petronio - is the main church of Bologna.
Palazzo dei Banchi - former banking center.
Palazzo del Podestà - former police and justice offices.
Torre dell'Arengo is located over Palazzo del Podestà.
Accursi Tower, also known as the Clock Tower, is located in Piazza Maggiore.
Near by Piazza Maggiore  is Piazza Galvani. At the center of the square there is a marble statue of Luigi Galvani, a famous scholar who discovered animal electricity.
Galvani while observing the famous frog he used to study.
The University of Bologna  was probably the first University in the western world- founded in 1088.
The Archiginnasio-the ancient seat of the University of Bologna.
Bologna is famous for its porticoes. There are over 45 km of arcades.
Central streets of Bologna are largely pedestrianized.
Palazzo della Mercanzia
At Piazza di Porta Ravegnana  are the two towers-symbols of Bologna  and the statue of San Petronio.
The Church of Santa Maria della Vita-The most important example of Baroque architecture in Bologna.
Basilica of San Francesco-This church is the first example of French Gothic style in Italy.
City facades
This is only a small part of the attractions that can be visited. Just first impression of the city, in few hours.Who knows, maybe one day we will meet again.

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