18 January 2017

Travel: Macedonia-Skopje

Skopje- Скопје is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located on the bank of the river Vardar.
City is encircled by mountains and it's prone to violent earthquakes. The first recorded earthquake in 518 destroyed entire city. An earthquake in 1963 killed over 1000 people, and destroyed much of the city.
Skopje has an excellent geographical position and was (is) the scene of many historical events. It has a very turbulent history and to date has seen many changes and different rulers.
Many times the city was rebuilt and raised from the ashes. In 1689 General Piccolomini burned the whole city. All the invaders have left their mark and impose their culture. Skopje today is a mix of different nations, cultures and customs. Unfortunately even current government is trying to change the national history and create new identity, through the project "Skopje 2014".
Despite all that, the heart and soul of this city are warm and hospitable people, and that is most important.
Kale Fortress-Скопско Калe is situated on the highest point in the city.
Mustafa Pasha Mosque-Мустафа-пашина џамија- It was built in 1492 by Mustafa Pasha.
Churchof the Holy Salvation-Црква Св. Спас- One of the most important Orthodox churches in Skopje.
Iconostasis is carved in wood and is 10 meters long and 7 meters in height.
The sarcophagus of Goce Delčev.
Cifte hammam -Чифте-амам-today is National gallery of Macedonia.
Kapan Han-Капан ан. Part of Kapan An is now a restaurant.
Kurşumli Han-Kursumli An- Today the Kurshumli Han is part of the Macedonian National Museum.
In the central part of Skopje’s Old Bazaar is Murat Pasha Mosque-Мурат-пашината џамија.
Old Bazaar-Стара чаршија

 Albania in Skopje
 Turkey in Skopje
Daut Pasha Hamam-It was a double bath both for males and females. Today the bath serves as a gallery.
Museum of the Macedonian Struggle
Horses Fountain
Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia
Fountain of the Mothers of Macedonia
Warrior monument 
Saints Cyril and Methodius
Stone Bridge-Камен мост- was built in the 6th century by the Byzantine emperor Justinian.
Oh Yes, it is bronze statue of swimmer woman in bikini. :)
Macedonia Square- Плоштад 
Warrior on a Horse -Воин на коњ-is Alexander the Great

Marriott Hotel
Tsar Samuil monument
Goce Delčev monument
Museum of Archaeology
Monument in honor of the Gemidzii- Гемиџиите
This is the place where the house of MotherTheresa used to stand.

Memorial House of Mother Teresa-Спомен-куќа на Мајка Тереза

Porta Macedonia- Порта Македонија.The arch is dedicated to 20 years of Macedonian independence.
City's buildings makeover in the neoclassical or baroque style.
GTC- Градски Трговски Центар-shopping center in the city. It was made in the 1970. 
Citizens of Skopje tried to preserve the iconic 1970s GTC - from a planned Baroque makeover but unfortunately referendum has failed. Who knows how ugly baroque mutant will be here next time we visit Skopje. 
And at night, beside baroque and neoclassical impact there is a touch of Las Vegas. :)
It is obvious that the citizens don't like faux-Baroque makeover.
On the top of the Vodno Mountain is 66m-high Millennium Cross- Милениумски крст-little bit controversial decision in multi-ethnic Macedonia.

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