12 November 2017

Travel: Italy-Bologna

The plan for this autumn vacation was to visit Krakow-Poland. But our trip was canceled few days before, so we decided to continue exploring Italy.
One year ago I did not suppose I would visit Bologna so soon.
This year we were passing by, and like last year, stopped for few hours. Not enough, but we had visited few interesting town spots.
At Piazza Maggiore was Festival Francescano, like last year.
The Fontana del Nettuno is still in renovation.
Le dueTorri are still tilted.
San Petronio is still the patron saint of the city.
Piazza Santo Stefano
Basilica di Santo Stefano
Sette Chiese-Complex of Seven Churches (different buildings) represents the evolution of the city from its origins to today.
Quadrilatero -Old Market is an area of very narrow streets, the medieval area, just next Piazza Maggiore.Sightseeing through the streets of Quadrilatero is must.
The perfect place to satisfy my sweet tooth was Pasticceria Impero. 
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