12 June 2009

Tunic dress

Just perfect summer dress. Pattern is from Burda and you can freely download it here. It is available in size 34-44.
I sew it from elastic jersey, and made some changes. Since material was jersey there was no need for zip fastener.
First, I cut front and back yoke from jersey fabric, but then realized that fabric is too elastic and front and back parts of dress are too heavy. I decided to use black cotton fabric (and for inside yoke as well). That was good solution. My dress is 60 cm length from waist and with elastic in sleeves hem. (A model)
I have suitable necklace for this dress.Black Plexiglas-mirror pendant on rubber cord.
Same necklace you can find in my Perfect cut shop.
Me, model :)

These days I am sewing two dresses from elastic jersey, but about that in next post.


Antoinette said...

I just downloaded that pattern a couple of weeks ago but haven't sewn it up! Your dress looks great -- would love to see what it looks like when worn on a 3-dimensional human shape!

Lina said...

Thank you Antoinette. I just post another picture. :)This is how dress looks on me.

Dawn said...

Very cute! I love this. I may have to use this pattern for my knock-off. Thanks!