19 July 2009

One Yard dresses

No,I am not magician.
I am just a petite person.
And I bought only two Yards of this two fabrics.One Yard of each.

So, I chose very simple patterns for this projects.
Just two simple shift dresses.
Fabric for first dress is from Melissa Averinos, Lace in Cocoa from her Sugar Snap Line of designer fabrics.I made a simple A-line shift dress. I have constructed pattern by my self.
Well,I can't call this pattern. LOL

And I am very happy that I preserved that fabulous prints on the fabric- by using simple pattern.

There is ribbon running along the upper edge of the dress.

I made that trim from two different color ribbons and decorated it with machine embroidery.

Maybe I will add belt from same ribbon,or maybe not. I have not decided jet.

The second dress is made of beautiful cotton fabric from Blank Fabrics ( Marrakesh in the Sahara )
The pattern is from May Burda issue, model no.118.
But, I skipped a piece of fabric that goes across the front part of the dress. I haven't had enough fabric.LOL

I haven't had enough fabric to turn up regular hem, also. So I used false hem in color-coordinated trim.

There is invisible zip closure at the back.

I'm really satisfied how it turned up at the end.
Now,I have two cute day dresses. :)


Gail said...

They look great. I particularly like the retro feel of the second one. Great fabric too.

LaKaribane said...

I just discovered your blog via Barbara's and it's just great! I'm Petite too (5' or 1m53)and you made two dresses I've got on my To-Sew list. How wonderful!

You won't believe me but I was supposed to finish the LBD in the japanese book for Pattern Review's contest, LOL! Didn't make it and haven't finished the dress but happy to see the finished product on you.

AND that Burda dress with the draping, I'm planning on skipping that part too! I love your fabric choices!

I even wanted to do the roll collar one piece dress but it's a bit too shapeless for me.

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