14 October 2009

Curvy skirt - disaster

Yesterday I sewed something after a long time.And, result is disaster.I read review of this skirt.
It seemed to me this skirt is just what I need. It is quite simple to sew.
I bought gray microfiber for it ,made all alternations I need , inserted an invisible zipper to the back, lined the skirt ...
It is almost finished. Just have to sew hem by hand.
I made a skirt technically good.
While reading all those reviews I ignored this sentence: "This is designed for a curvy hourglass figure ... think Joan from the series Mad Men." Hello, you are not Joan, what were you thinking?
Skirt looks disastrous on me.No curves , no hourglass figure,no butt,no flattering shaping.Only flat board - dressed in skirt.
No, I am not going to show you this disaster.It is too painful for me.
Even my husband and son  viciously commented on my appearance.
I need some time to recover.LOL


gwensews said...

Oh no!!!! I am sorry and can relate to your dilema.

Gail said...

Ok let's deal...I give some of my excess curves. We'll even out. It is a very nice skirt by the way.

Lina said...

I agree! LOL

Lakaribane said...

OMG, I'm wearing this skirt right now! Finished it on Sun!

I'm not too happy myself thought I am curvier than you (Burda 38 or rather 19), it's the little quilles. My fabric is too soft, they don't stand out like on the line drawing. So sad.