31 October 2009

A T-shirt top

Finished one more top!
This one has been reviewed so many times;so I have not much to write about.
Fabric is cotton jersey-my favorite as you can see.
Pattern is from Burda 2/2009 model 108.I made A version with long sleeves.
It is so easy to sew,basic...
And most important-perfect for colorful busy prints that I like.
After reading all reviews I haven't made recommended alterations.
Just cut and sew. :)
And, yes, I'll sew it again.


Cennetta said...

Hi Lina, The t-shirt is just perfect. It's on my list too.

Eugenia said...

That is such a great T-shirt. I really love that beautiful fabric - the print is wonderful, and just right for this style.

sonoemi said...

A very nice t-shirt! I love this pattern and sew it at the moment.

Gail said...

It really is the perfect simple t-shirt isn't it?

Sew Shy said...

Beautiful print! Looks great on you.

Evyline Alexandra said...

i love this,simple yet stunning..the prints is so beautiful