02 December 2009

Embroidery lessons

Past days I took few embroidery lessons.Well, I know basics, but this were lessons about embroidery that is used for embellishing national costumes from Dubrovacko Primorje -a region situated northwest of the city Dubrovnik.
I haven't pictures of costumes, just few photos of scarves. 
Made by  very talented  lady Nike.
The scarves were worn for weddings.
This scarf is over hundred years, old.
This embroidery patterns were used for decorating vests.

All stitches are basic embroidery stitches.Specific is only way of using them, and combination of colors. There are lots of colors, gold threads and sequins. Everything I love.
No, I will not sew national costume.I used everything I learned on my way.
I made this dark blue tote bag and embellished it with specific embroidery pattern. The bag is dark blue because the costumes are dark blue.
The second bag is creamy beige, like wedding scarf, with colorful flowers and gold sequins.
And that's it, my modest way to preserve national treasure.
Unfortunately only four of us were attended those lessons, even they were free.
It seems young people do not care for tradition, at all.
That is such a pity.


Lilian said...

They are both beautiful bags. The blue bag is very stylish and the white one could be vintage. I used to do a lot of of embroidery when I was (very) young but not anymore. Nice to see that someone is still enjoying it.

Sheila said...

Lovely bags and you have given me reason to reconsider purchasing an embrodery machine.

Gail said...

It does seem a shame that so few are interested in this rich heritage. Your bags are beautiful - maybe that will encourage your friends to take up their needles.