11 December 2009

Roll-collar one-piece dress

The second project from Japanese sewing book-Simple chic- is finished.
Like the title say the dress has roll collar, pattern is easy and basic. 
There is an invisible zipper at the back. The fabric is wool blend. I added lining, even it is not supposed for this dress.
What to say about this dress? It is basic shift dress, simple pattern. It looks much better on sewing form in the book than on me.LOL
Maybe the chosen fabric is problem, or my body shape is problem. Maybe the shift dress is not my style. My husband says that the dress is just appropriate for nuns. Hmm. I tried to fix that "nun look" with belt. I'm not sure: is it better?
I will sew this dress again because I love this pattern. I hope that it will look much better with different fabric.


KID, MD said...

Pretty design and I like the fabric. I do think the belt gives it more shape. It looks lovely on you!

gwensews said...

Try it with big, wide belt. It's a pretty dress, and probably just needs a little more shaping at the waist.

Eugenia said...

I love this style and the fabric you have used. I think it looks very stylish and elegant.

drenka said...

Maybe the fabric is too stiff, and it can not give you any curves, and the belt seems to do the trick. I love this dress also.

Anonymous said...

The dress is basic, elegant and beautifully made. But I see your husband's point when you wear it so plainly. You need to give it some shape and color - a wide belt or a nice obi in a brighter color to match a brighter color T-shirt underneath it. And how about some dangly jewellery? You could make something nice, couldn't you. That belt in the second picture is an improvement but definitely too thin. Don't giveup on it. It's lovely. Just accessorize!



Pilland said...

I arrived here just surfing.
Congratulations on Your nice site and best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy

littlecottondresses said...

Isn't Japanese craft books the best? I have this book too and enjoy looking at it, but haven't tried sewing anything from it.

Have you tried wearing the dress without the sweater? Maybe the "nun" comment is because it looks rather covered up. I think your dress comes out how it's supposed to, great job!

Diane said...

The dress looks great on you. Some of the other opinions and suggestions are worth trying too. All best wishes for a healthy New Year.