28 June 2009

Shirred summer dress

These dresses are all around.
Everyone is wearing them.
I said: Why not. I can make one for myself.
Here is very useful instruction.

In new Burda issue (7/2009.) is one shirred dress pattern, too.

And this is mine version.

Smocked part is till the waist.

I am not completely satisfied with the length.
Maybe I will add a ruffled hem at the bottom.
Think, it will be better in maxi version.
You probably know about THIS masterpieces of smocked dresses?
I would like to have this skill.
One day maybe,until then I can only watch and dream.
Dream, dream, dream....

24 June 2009

Wrap-over dresses

The pattern is from Burda (2/2007.)

I used it two years ago, and I am still gladly wearing that dress.
So, I decided to repeat this project TWICE this year.
Dress is absolutely adorable. It's very easy to sew and so comfortable to wear.
It has short raglan sleeves and there’s no need for a zipper.
It is made of cotton jersey.

The green dress is the same as the pattern, brown has some changes.

Due to errors in the fabric, which I later found, I had to turn lap of the dress to the other side.
The next time I have to be careful when being purchases fabric. :)

I did not sew the belt that was in the instructions, and mine dresses are little longer.

Cut size 36 (I am between 36 and 38) One size lower is perfect for this pattern.
I recommend this pattern. :)

19 June 2009

Messenger bag

The pattern is here.I downloaded it for free year ago.
This is a messenger bag for my niece.

She wants a bag, roomy enough for her English exercise book.
This wasn't a problem.I immediately decided ,that will be messenger bag.But the second wish was a challenge for me.
Not pink and no crazy colors and patterns.
Well,I thought,with the black you can't make a mistake.
Black and white are not colors,and red is just one color. :)
Letter pattern is not too crazy. :)

And here it is ....My version of "reasonable" bag.

I hope that young lady will be satisfied. :)

12 June 2009

Tunic dress

Just perfect summer dress. Pattern is from Burda and you can freely download it here. It is available in size 34-44.
I sew it from elastic jersey, and made some changes. Since material was jersey there was no need for zip fastener.
First, I cut front and back yoke from jersey fabric, but then realized that fabric is too elastic and front and back parts of dress are too heavy. I decided to use black cotton fabric (and for inside yoke as well). That was good solution. My dress is 60 cm length from waist and with elastic in sleeves hem. (A model)
I have suitable necklace for this dress.Black Plexiglas-mirror pendant on rubber cord.
Same necklace you can find in my Perfect cut shop.
Me, model :)

These days I am sewing two dresses from elastic jersey, but about that in next post.

07 June 2009

Japanese craft books

I love Japanese craft books. It's really amazing how you can understand every pattern not knowing Japanese. Diagrams and photos are self-explanatory. I wanted this book since I saw it on some blogs, a few years ago. Then, I read perfect review here.

Finally, book is on my sewing table. And, I am not disappointed. All patterns are simple chic, like the title says. I plan to sew all of them. Well, maybe it is ambitious plan, but resolution is resolution and I am very obstinate person. Probably, in my version, it will be "simple and kitsch," but I can not help it. I am crazy about colors and patterns.
Some pictures of other people's already finished projects you can see here.

05 June 2009

Half-circle skirt

The half-circle skirt is one of the easiest skirts.
My grandmother taught me how to make it...Almost 30 years ago.

However, useful information can be found here.

I decided to sew it when I found the fabric with the printed circle.

On the edge of the skirt, I added a gold lace.

That laces, my mother has bought 35 years ago in Bulgaria, where we spent happy summer holidays. All these years I was searching for perfect place for it. I think I finally found it.

Of course, I bought suitable sandals. :)

And finally....I made a pair of matching earrings.

Now, I am ready. :)

04 June 2009


Hello and welcome to Lina's Land.
This is my virtual land, the place where I can create, dream and play.
In real world I am a mother of one teenage boy and wife of one middle-age husband.
I live in beautiful town Dubrovnik at the Adriatic coast. I love to sew, crochet, bake cakes… I love to make things.
This blog will be about sewing, crochet, fashion and other things I love. I hope it will help me to organize all my "creative" projects. And of course, helps me to improve my English.
Till then I will let pictures to speak for me.

03 June 2009

Finally I dared!

I am planning this for a long time.
Blog in English language.
People who know how poor is my English will laugh all day, and perhaps longer.LOL
Eventual readers, be patient with me,please!!!!
My English is not the best but I'll try to improve it.This will be a good practice.