31 October 2009

A T-shirt top

Finished one more top!
This one has been reviewed so many times;so I have not much to write about.
Fabric is cotton jersey-my favorite as you can see.
Pattern is from Burda 2/2009 model 108.I made A version with long sleeves.
It is so easy to sew,basic...
And most important-perfect for colorful busy prints that I like.
After reading all reviews I haven't made recommended alterations.
Just cut and sew. :)
And, yes, I'll sew it again.

24 October 2009

Wrap-over top

I finished what was planned for this week.
I am slowly getting back to the sewing mood. The wrap-over top is completed. (Burda- 10-2008-119)
Fabric is cotton jersey, so there was no need for zipper.
Alternations? O-yes! I sew the left side overlapping to the right. Why? Well, the pattern is so simple and very easy to sew; so I wasn't concentrated, at all. I didn't pay attention. I realized mistake at the end, when the top was finished.
It is not too bad. I like it, even it is not perfect.
Only, I hope I will not look like "101 Dalmatians" in it. (Probably like only one of Dalmatians. LOL)

16 October 2009

Life is good!

*I 'm much better today. I made a deal with Gail to split our curves. LOL
No matter, flat or curved the point is that we are unique. That is the beauty.:)
*My dear friend 3FUN made this elegant Etsy treasury with my Black roses-necklace.
*I plan to sew this top.
*Life is good!

14 October 2009

Curvy skirt - disaster

Yesterday I sewed something after a long time.And, result is disaster.I read review of this skirt.
It seemed to me this skirt is just what I need. It is quite simple to sew.
I bought gray microfiber for it ,made all alternations I need , inserted an invisible zipper to the back, lined the skirt ...
It is almost finished. Just have to sew hem by hand.
I made a skirt technically good.
While reading all those reviews I ignored this sentence: "This is designed for a curvy hourglass figure ... think Joan from the series Mad Men." Hello, you are not Joan, what were you thinking?
Skirt looks disastrous on me.No curves , no hourglass figure,no butt,no flattering shaping.Only flat board - dressed in skirt.
No, I am not going to show you this disaster.It is too painful for me.
Even my husband and son  viciously commented on my appearance.
I need some time to recover.LOL

01 October 2009

Etsy treasury

My Orange leaf earrings were featured in this Etsy treasury.
It was created by stockannette.
Theme was Etsy sellers from different countries.This was from Korea,Iceland,Croatia and Kuwait.
I like that concept .And I love the mixture of the green and orange.