27 May 2012

Bye bye quilting

Here they are, two pillow cases and one table topper I had started last year, before apartment renovation.
I finally finished them last week.
 Pillow cases:  40X40cm
"Card trick" quilt block pattern
Table topper:  58X58cm
Pam Bono "Grape Wreath"
I think they will be my last patchwork projects for a long time. One day when I get grandchildren I will probably do quilts, but till that day, bye bye quilting. I have to sew and crochet so many wearable things.
I am so angry at myself, because I haven't sewed anything for myself in the last year. :(
Yes, I'm in a selfish mood. :)

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Summer Flies said...

Nice to see you back! I'm looking forward to seeing what ever you sew and crochet!