10 August 2012

Ottavio Missoni-Master of Colors

Last night I was at the opening of the exhibition of drawings, graphics and tapestries of the world-renowned fashion designer and artist Ottavio Missoni. 
One of the  interesting facts is that he was born here in Dubrovnik. 
As the title of exhibition says he is the master of colors, but also designer, artist, top athlete and businessman at the same time.
So, the exhibition is divided into three parts. It shows Missoni as an artist, businessman, and athlete.
 It was an enjoyable and inspiring evening.


Summer Flies said...

That's interesting that he is from Dubrovnik! I thought (had no idea though) that he was Italian! That would have be fascinating.

Lilian said...

Wow, there's much more to Missoni than just the well-known zigzag pattern designs. Very interesting pictures, thanks for sharing.
And yes, I was surprised too to learn that he is originally from Dubrovnik.