15 May 2014

Floral T-shirt top

After long no sewing period I have made few "serious" decisions.
Now I have "big plan" for spring/summer sewing, knitting, crocheting....
First decision is to use mostly fabric from my (or my mom's) stash.
Second is to use patterns from my old Burda magazines. Some of them are over twenty years old.
Third decision is to follow THIS A-Z Trend Guide. Well, I already know that floral trend is going to be the most represented in my wardrobe, but I'll try to represent some other (this year) trends through my sewing.
A fourth and most difficult decision to fulfill is to make at least one garment a week.
So, first trend is F-Floral 

                          Floral T-shirt top 

I already made this top four years ago
Easy, simple, basic pattern.
Pattern: Burda 2/2009 model 108 
Fabric: Rayon jersey
Alterations: Last time I just turned the edges around the neck and topstitch. This time I added knit neckband. (Useful tutorials HERE and HERE)



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