16 February 2018

Travel: Greece-Meteora and Ioannina


The goal of our trip to Greece was to visit Meteora - rock formations on which are built one of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries. The monastery complexes Meteora are located near the town of Kalambaka.
The combination of the natural beauty of this space and the work of human hands make this place a miraculous, magical, divine, breathtaking, impressive.....The photos do not describe this beauty enough.

City Ioannina is the capital of Epirus.The town spreads out around beautiful Lake Pamvotida.This lovely city has a very interesting and rich history. Unfortunately, we stayed for only a short time. We walked by the lake and discovered the charming streets of the old part of town. It was just a short break on the road to Albania.
Lake Pamvotida-commonly also Lake of Ioannina
The entrance to the medieval fortress of the city.
Wall and clock tower at the main gate of the Ioannina Castle
Ioannina Castle

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