29 June 2014

Stripes in love with animal print

One of my favorite prints,beside floral, is animal print.
This time it is in combination with stripes.
Two, very popular, this season print trends and me trying to be trendy girl. LOL
This is originally tunic pattern I have modified into a dress.
Pattern: Burda 3/2009-103
Fabric: Rayon jersey&cotton 
Alterations: Added length to the tunic and made front and back yoke from black cotton fabric.Cotton fabric has prevented stretching jersey.Same thing I done here. I know I could keep fabrics from stretching with interfacing,but this time I didn't know how to match stripes, so black cotton was salvation.


15 June 2014

Radiant Orchid in love with art print

R is for Radiant Orchid 
Radiant Orchid is the color of the year 2014.
As you can see, plain fabrics are very rare in my wardrobe.Literally I can't buy plain (one color) fabric. So this Radiant Orchid color trend fell in love with another this year trend- abstract (art) print. And that was that, perfect fabric for me.
Pattern: Burda 5/1991
This is a very old pattern from my huge stash of Burda magazines. So 80's style, simple and easy to sew.
Fabric: Rayon jersey 
Alterations: I added knit neckband, Burda is suggesting turning the edges around the neck and topstitching.
My size pattern was too wide so I narrowed it a lot, but dress is still large.
I made the dress much longer than it is in Burda magazine. The knit fabric is too stretchy and "pulling" down, so the dress is longer than I wanted.
Consequently, I made ​​a completely different style, but I don't care.I like the dress, it is very comfortable and I will wear it a lot for every day shopping and running around.

08 June 2014

Orange romantic blouse

As I said, floral trend is going to be the most represented in my wardrobe.
This time cute romantic 3/4 sleeve blouse.
Pattern: Burda 6/2011-124A 
Fabric: Cotton/polyester crape
Alterations: Originally wide boat neck is almost off the shoulder, I made it slightly narrower.
And once again: Burda 2/2009-108 T-shirt top