25 October 2015

Travel: Prague I

Next day of our trip we started walking tour of Prague at upper part of WenceslasSquare.
There, at the South end is located National Museum. Currently closed for reconstruction.
Nearby there are:
State Opera -Státní Opera Praha
and New Building of the National Museum
In front of National Museum is The Statue of King Wenceslas
Wenceslas Square is lined by hotels, offices, shops and
restaurants.One of oldest hotels in Prague is Hotel Evropa. Built in 1889. In the 1903 - 1905 period the hotel was rebuild into the art nouveau style.
Down the Wenceslas Square, near Jungmann Square is Church of Our Lady of the Snow-Kostel Panny Marie Sněžné.
At Náměstí Republiky is Municipal House- Obecni dum -most prominent Art Nouveau bilding in Prague.
Next to Municipal House is Powder Gate- Prašná brána
The Powder Tower is 65 meters high and there are 186 stairs in the spiral staircase. The gallery is 44 meters high.
And yes, of course, we went to the top.
It wasn't easy but it was worth it.
Petrin Tower
National Memorial on Vitkov Hill
Žožkov Television Tower
The Powder Tower marks the beginning of the Royal Route that the monarchs of Bohemia walked on their way to St Vitus Cathedral to be crowned.
We had lunch at pub - U Fleku. It is, I suppose, the most visited and the oldest brewery in Prague. (Founded in 1499). Today it is a bit of a tourist attraction, with a museum and a gift shop.
Our reason to visit  this pub was quite different.There was founded, by group of students from Split, a Croatian football club Hajduk (in 1911). I don't care for football at all, but the boys in our gang were thrilled.
Traditional Czech dish: Vepřo-knedlo-zelo
This is a “bill“!?!   :) :)
Old-Town Hall- Staroměstská radnice
The walk of the Apostles performing on the hour.
One of the most impressive Gothic religious buildings in Prague dominates one side of the Old Town Square.
Kinsky palace- Kinský Palace -seat of the National Gallery in Prague.
Dum u Minuty
Baroque St. Nichola's Church.
Jewish Quarter -Josefov is located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River.Its fascinating monuments are now part of the PragueJewish Museum, one of the oldest and continuously existing Jewish museums in the world-founded in 1906.
Maisel Synagogue 
It is the oldest preserved synagogue in Central Europe
Old Jewish Cemetery
We haven’t visited the museum because we had an organized two hours river cruse with early dinner.
On the way to the boat above Čechuv bridge there is a huge metronome.
"Once upon a time" there was a gigantic statue of Joseph Stalin.Luckily, Stalin’s time has passed, but this metronome seems equally bizarre.
Taking a boat tour was a great experience.
Dancing House also called "Ginger & Fred". It was designed by Croatian- Czech architect Vlado Milunić in co-operation with Canadian architect Frank Gehry, finished in 1996.
It was so relaxing and beautiful, and food was good.

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