29 October 2015

Travel: Prague II- Hradčany

Hradčany area is located above Lesser Town on the opposite side of the Vltava River from Old Town and New Town.There is Prague number one attraction - Pražský hrad -Prague Castle.
It is one of the largest castle complexes in the world.
The main entrance to Prague Castle is at the Hradčany square.
The square is surrounded by spectacular buildings.
Schwarzenberg Palace.
This early Renaissance building now serves as an exhibition space for the National Gallery.
Archbishop Palace
The greatest view of the city you will get from here.
The Matthias Gate
 The Chapel of the Holy Rood 
Now there is permanent exhibition of the Treasury of St.Vitus Cathedral. It's the largest church treasury in the Czech lands and one of the most expensive in Europe.
The ceremonial Changing of the Castel Guard.
Ceremony is held daily at 12.00.  
The Old Royal Palace
 Vladislav Hall- almost 500 years old
Magnificent view from Old Royal Palace
At Old Royal Palace is permanent exhibition The Story of Prague Castle. Exhibition offers a view of more than thousand years' history of Prague Castle.
St. Vitus Cathedral - the largest and the most important temple in Prague.
St. Wenceslas Chapel
Southern tower of St. Vitus Cathedral-almost 100m high.
Square of St.Gorge

Basilica of St George-an example of Romanesque style
Powder tower      
Now there is an exhibition about Castle Guard
Rosenberg Palace- Rožmberský palác
Originally it is a Renaissance palace of the noble family of Rosenberg. During the realm of Maria Theresa, Palace was converted into the Institute of Noblewomen. It was used as a residence for unmarried women from insolvent noble families. Today exhibition evokes their lives.
We stopped at Café Rožmberský palác for coffee and Medovnik.
jammy!!! :)
Golden Lane-Zlatá ulička is a narrow ancient street formed of tiny colorful houses built right into the arches of the Castle walls. The small houses were originally constructed in the sixteenth century for the castle guards. Later they were used by goldsmiths and people from poorer classes. 
The current scenes in houses have been created to show the life of former users. I like the seamstress house. :)
Torture equipment at Daliborka Tower
This is just a small part that can be seen at the Castle.One day was not enough for visiting all Castle sights.Now we have just impression about things we have to explore next time. :)
Saint Wenceslas Vineyard: The most spectacular view of Prague and the Vltava valley.
On the way to Charles Bridge we visited the pub Černy orel.
Fruit dumplings -ovocné knedlíky were delicious.
The most narrow street in Prague.
Charles Bridge   
One of the symbols of Prague, connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (Malá Strana).

There is a tower standing on each end of the bridge.

After all day spent at Hradčany and Lesser Town we had just one hour (before our organized dinner) to visit Wax Museum.  
Nothing spectacular, maybe opportunity to find out people related to Czech history, art, sport...
Franz Kafk
Our Dinner was at Medieval Tavern- U Pavouka     
This tavern is tourist trap, but it is interesting experience. As I said, I love to do all those touristy things.
Medieval show with swordsmen, jugglers and belly dancers was fun.
Food was OK.
The dessert was perfect. Makový koláček- Poppy Seed Cake
At the end, it was a fun night. :)

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